About The Crypto Agent

TheCryptoAgent.com is an online Crypto Coin Exchange that takes its users security extremely seriously. We do this by processing all transactions manually.  We do not store coins online, instead we only use "Cold Storage" to send and receive coins. Our site is fully SSL encrypted for complete data security

The reason we believe our system is safe and secure is that since we do not hold coins in online wallets, it makes us less of a target to would be hackers and thieves. Even if the site was compromised, the worst that would happen is we could be forced offline for a short time until we resolved the issue.

Meet The Crypto Agent

Hi, I have been a huge Bitcoin fan for several years. I have invested a lot of time and effort to develop a simple and secure site to buy and sell Bitcoin and other crypto coins. And as time goes by, there is potential to introduce new coins to the site.

I have spent a lot of time looking at this emerging technology and the future of digital currencies. I must say the future is looking very bright for Blockchain Technology which is now being looked at by Financial Institutions and Government Agencies worldwide.

Thank you and I look forward to providing you with an exceptional service